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The Church of the Holy Guardian Angels is a parish of the Diocese of the South of the Anglican Catholic Church which is a world-wide expression of orthdox and traditional Anglicanism. Archbishop Mark Haverland is the Metropolitan/Acting Primate of the international Church and is also our Bishop of the South. We are not "in communion" with the Episcopal Church or the Anglican Communion because of their serious departures from the faith, practice, ministry, morality, and worship of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. In other words, we are actively involved in the "cultural war" that is presently a challenge to tradional Christianity.

We work and pray for the eventual reunion of all Anglicans who share our convictions, and hope those who presently do not will one day return to the faith of their fathers in a reunited and purified Anglican Communion. We pray for the ultimate reunion of the Western Church, with Anglicans living alongside Roman Catholics but maintaining our own special historical autonomy, much like the present relationahip of the Eastern Orthodox Churches with Rome.

All people are welcome to worship with us. Holy Guardian Angels is a "pastoral size" congregation, so you will be welcome as a special and unique individual to our wider parish family. People of all ages, singles and families are all part of Holy Guardian Angels, and we hope you will visit us on Sundays at 9:30 am and stay for the time of fellowship in the parish hall following mass.

We welcome everyone to visit and join in the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.